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MAXX 9912

Price: $45.99

1974-1997 Ford EEC-IV MAXX Performance E-PX Coil

MAXX Performance E-PX Coils are a direct replacement for OEM coils and produce 10% more spark energy. All MAXX Performance coils feature American engineered high tech bobbins, high temperature shock resistant epoxy, magnetically optimized silicone steel cores and use brass contacts to further enhance the transfer of spark energy to the spark plug.

Primary Resistance: 0.2 Ohms
Secondary Resistance: 8.8 k Ohms
Turns Ratio: 132:1
Maximum Voltage: 48,000 Volts
Peak Increase in Energy vs. OE: 37%
Peak Increase in Voltage vs. OE: 23%

Item Number: MAXX 9912
Manufacturer: MAXX Performance Products
Manufacturer Part No: MAXX 9912

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